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Appetizer and Soup

Curry Puff - $4.95                                  
Thai Spring Roll - $3.50
Steamed Dumpling - $4.95
Crab Rangoon - $4.95
Thai Salad - $3.95 
Shrimp in Hot & Sour Soup - $3.50
Chicken in Cream of Coconut Soup - $3.50
Spicy Seafood Soup - $3.95
Wonton Soup - $2.95
Vegetarian Soup - $2.95 

Lunch Specials

Dishes served with Soup of the day, appetizer of the day and rice.

Fish of The Day - $8.95
Deep fried fish of the day with seafood in choice of your sauce - Garlic, Panang, Ginger or Basil Sauce.

Duck Panang - $8.95
Crispy Duck with panang curry sauce.

Two Friend Panang - $8.95
Chicken and Shrimp with mixed vegetable in panang curry sauce.

Seafood Padthai - $8.95
Shrimp, Squid, Mussel and Scallop stir-fried 

Shrimp and Scallop Green Curry Sauce - $8.95


Choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork - $7.50

Choice of Shrimp, Squid or Tofu - $8.50

Sweet and Sour
Thai style with tomato, baby corn, pineapple, onion and sweet pepper.

Pad Prig Kning
Saute with chili paste, green bean, bell pepper and ginger.

Saute with onion, bell pepper, chili and basil.

Spice Bamboo Shoot
Saute with red curry paste, bamboo shoot, bell pepper and basil.

Rama Garden (Peanut Sauce)
Creamy blend of coconut and peanut sauce served on a bed of steam broccoli.

Chili Sauce
Saute with lemon grass, garlic, tamarind and chili on a bed of mix vegetable.

Saute with ginger, carrot, sweet pepper, onion, baby corn and mushroom.

Cashew Nut
Saute with cashew nut, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, broccoli, baby corn, carrot and water chestnut.

Red Curry
Thai red curry paste with coconut milk, bell pepper,pea,carrot, green bean and basil.

Green Curry
Thai green curry paste with coconut milk,  bell pepper,pea,carrot, green bean and basil.

Panang Curry
Simmered in coconut milk, Thai curry, bell pepper, zucchini and Thai herbs with ground peanut.

Mixed Vegetable
Saute with mixed vegetable in brown sauce.

Saute with fresh broccoli, mushroom, carrot and delicious oyster sauce.

Noodle and Friedrice

All Noodle dishes are not served with steamed rice

Padthai - $7.95
Classic Thai rice noodle stir-fried with shrimp, chicken, egg, bean sprout, scallion and ground peanut.

Pad Ba Mee - $7.50
Egg noodle saute with chicken and mix vegetable.
Spicy Noodle - $7.50
Saute rice noodle with chicken, pepper, tomato, chili and fresh basil.

Noodle Soup(Beef, Chicken, Pork) - $7.95
Sliced of sirloin beef with rice noodle in slowly simmered house beef broth, mix vegetable and bean sprout.

Green Curry Noodle - $7.50
Spicy green curry sauce with chicken and noodle (Add 1$ for Shrimp).
Thai Garden Fried Rice - $7.50
Stir-fried rice, egg with choice of chicken, beef or pork and mix garden vegetable (Add 1$ for Shrimp).

Curry Fried Rice - $7.50
Egg, with pineapple and cashew nut choice of chicken, beef or pork (Add 1$ for Shrimp). 

Side Order / Extra

Steamed Rice $2.00
Steamed Noodle   $2.00
Peanut Sauce$2.00
Curry Sauce$2.00

* Minimum 10% for credit card charge*
*18% gratitude charge for party of 6 or more*